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Get value

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Get value activity ensures that the value in each element and / or property (attribute) in the .xml extension file to be processed.

*Input datasetThe name written in the output dataset field in the Execute Xpath activity is selected from the dropdown menu.
*RowOn which row the element in the dataset will be taken is written here.
*Output valueValue of element or attribute or text.
Note: * Fields selected with are required, others are optional.

You can use the Input dataset as shown in example.


You can use the Row as shown in the example.


Let’s assume that we keep the location of an .xml file // Invoice as a reference in Xpath in the Execute Xpath component, select the ELEMENT option from the Filter field in accordance with this location and keep the reference field in the dataset.
<Supplier_Name>Third Part Company</Supplier_Name>
// Invoice location typed in the xpath field includes all the elements in the xml expression. The information that the element to be accessed is in the row is written in the “Row” field. Whichever element we want to access, the first element (Return_ID) is taken as zero (0), and the other components are accessed by increasing numbers.
In this example, let’s want to access the “Supplier_Account_No” element; Four (4) should be written in the row field.

You can use the Output value as shown in the example.

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Get value

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