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You can automate end-user processes by connecting the SAP GUI application with the SAP component. While using the SAP component, you can use the necessary activities (e.g. Mouse Actions, Set Methods, Functions etc.) under the Applications component while interacting with the SAP application.

To perform your automation operations in the SAP application, you need to find the clickable fields or form fields on the application. You can use the Tracker app to find clickable or form fields.
You can access the Tracker application using path C:\Robusta…\driver\tracker\tracker.exe.

  • You can access the information required to use the Tracker application from the Help menu or by pressing the F1 key.

Enable SAP® GUI Scripting on Presentation Server

  • Choose the menu item Options… from the system menu of the SAP® Logon.
  • Choose the node Scripting.
  • The Scripting must be installed and activated.
  • It is better to disable the notifications, otherwise you got a requester for each script execution.
  • It is better to disable the using of native Windows dialogs. On this way the native Windows dialogs, e.g. like Save as or Open, are replaced with a dynpro-based dialog. So you have the possibility to record your activities also with these dialogs.

Enable SAP® GUI Scripting on Application Server

  • Use the transaction code RZ11 in the ok field.
  • Use the profile parameter sapgui/user_scripting and press the Display button.
  • The current value must be TRUE.
  • If it is FALSE, press the Change Value button and change it to TRUE on all servers.

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