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Definitons field allows the digital employees/robots to be identified with their IP address and Port number.

Create Worker: By clicking on this area, robots are created where the processes will run. In the image, previously created robots are seen in the “Matching Workers” area.

Create workerAccess worker creation field through this button.
Check worker statusCheck all existing workers status.
Upload licenseUpload the purchased licence via this button.
Select an actionSelected workers in the list can be updated, deleted or made status passive.
Search By Worker NameWorkers on the list can be found via this field.
Found … matching worker(s), showing 1 to 10 Show next 10By clicking can show all workers by 10.
Order by worker nameOrders workers by worker name.
NameName of worker.
HostnameInformation of access address.
Minimum Business PriorityMinimum worker priority number that is accepted by the worker.
Take ScreenshotTake screenshot is used to take screenshots for each step in front-end interface where steps are performed while processes working.
EnabledThe worker is enabled or not. (Y/N)
Server statusStatus of server: Up, Down and Unknown.
Up: Worker is accessible.
Down: Worker is not accessible.
Unknown: Worker is passive.
Worker statusAvailability status of worker: Available, Busy, Maintenance and Unknown. Available indicates worker is ready or can run a new task, Busy indicates worker is running a task, Maintenance indicates worker in maintenance and Unkown indicates worker is passive.
AppsShows apps in worker by clicking eye button.

Click Create worker button to create a new worker.

Worker nameThe name that will be given to the robot/digital employee.
HostnameIP address and Port Number information of the robot/digital worker
Minimum business priorityPriority definition is made by giving a value from 1 to 99 at what priority the robot / Digital Worker is required to do. The priority level is 1, the lowest and 99 the highest.
StatusRobot / Digital Employee is active or passive (enabled: Y / N) is selected or not.
All these information can be seen Matching field area in the image above.

After finishing with Create worker window,the steps specified on the Worker Group page should be performed.

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