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Captcha solver (AzCAPTCHA)

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Captcha is a service used for the analysis of security measures used for human and computer separation. Captcha solver activities solves captcha’s and returns the results.

AzCAPTCHA activity, uses AZcaptcha’s automated online captcha solver API service. You need an account and make payment to use Azcaptha’s services. You can find detailed information about creating an account and payment options from Azcaptcha’s website.

*Captcha keyAPI key of AzCAPTCHA’s subscription.
*FilePath, name and extension of image that will be solved.
*Response variable nameVariable name to store image that is solved.
Note: * Fields selected with are required, others are optional.

You can use the Captcha key as shown in the example.


You can use the File as shown in the example.


You need to give the file path of image the captcha. To do that you need to download the capthca image to worker’s local file system. You can download the image using “Take Capture” activity, “Download File” activity or “Save screen capture” activity whichever is suitable for your process.

You can use the Response variable name as shown in the example.


AzCAPTCHA activity only solve image captchas. You cannot solve Google Recaptcha captchas with AzCAPTCHA activity. To solve Google Recaptcha’s you need use Captcha solver (ReCAPTCHA) activity.

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Captcha solver (AzCAPTCHA)

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