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Hash activity ensures that an intelligible data is made incomprehensible with the encryption method. Hashing is a one-sided encryption method, that is, an encrypted data cannot be recovered. It is mostly used in comparison situations.

*Plain textUnencrypted string is written.
*Hash typeThe method to be encrypted is selected.
*Result cipher textEnter the name of the variable that we want the directory to be encrypted in an encrypted way.
*KeyKey information of the data to be encrypted is given.
Note: * Fields selected with are required, others are optional.

You can use the Plain text as shown in the examples.

Hello, this is the text string I want encrypted.

You can use the Hash type as shown in the examples.



You can use the Result cipher text as shown in the example.


You can use the Key as shown in the examples.

MD5: Desired lenght

HmacSHA512: Desired lenght

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