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Microsoft Cognitive Services

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Microsoft Cognitive Services component uses Microsoft (Azure) Cognitive Services API. Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services is a set of APIs that make it easy for you to include advanced artificial intelligence capabilities in your apps. To use Microsoft Cognitive Services, you need an Azure Account and a proper subscription model for available APIs. Some Microsoft Cognitive Services features are free to use and you can learn more information from Microsoft Cognitive Services documentation. Some activity responses are in JSON format.

Computer Vision and Face API work with image files. Image files must have a public url address in a web site or storage.

Language API works with text, you can input texts in the modeler.

There are 9 separate activities under Microsoft Cognitive services. These activities work on Computer Vision API, Language API and Face API services. You should create the appropriate APIs from the Azure administration panel to run the related activities. You will need the appropriate API endpoint url and API key information to use each activity.

You can examine the table to find out which activity works with which API.

  • Text Dedection
  • Object Dedection
  • Analyze Image
  • Describe Image
  • Tag Image
  • Language Dedection
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Key Phrase Extraction
  • Face Dedection
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Microsoft Cognitive Services

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