Worker Groups

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Worker Groups field allows matching apps and workers when specific apps are requested to run on specific workers. Same worker or apps can be defined in more than one group and give business priority.

  1. By clicking Create worker group, robot groups are created for the robots where the processes will run.

2. Fill in the Name, Minimum Business Priority and Maximum Priority fields.

NameName of worker group
Minimum business priorityMinimum priority of worker group. The priority level is from 1 to 99. The lowest priority level is 1, the highest priority level is 99. The lower the number is, the higher the priority is.
Max. Bp numberNumber of worker that will run simultanously.
EnabledThe created group will be active or passive.

3. To add worker to worker group, click Add worker field and in Search by name area box, you can search worker and click on the worker name to add.

4. To add app to worker group, click Add app field and in Search by name area box, you can search app and click on the app name to add.

Performing the steps specified in the Workers area, and after the above-mentioned steps are performed, robots / digital employees where the processes will be run are ready to be planned by the Management Module (Orchestrator).

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Worker Groups

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