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Decision task

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Decision task activity executes Business rules encoded in DMN tables.

Execution listenersListeners for an activity, process, sequence flow, start and end event.
Multi-instance typeDetermines if multiple instances of this activity are created.
Cardinality (Multi-instance)An expression or numeric value (integer) that determines how many instances are created.
Collection (Multi-instance)The number of instances is determined by the elements of a collection. For each element in the collection, a new instance is created.
Element Variable (Multi-instance)The variable under which each element is available to the newly created instance.
Completion Condition (Multi-instance)An expression that, if it evaluated to true, stops the creation of new instances.
Is for compensationA flag that identifies whether this activity is intended for the purposes of compensation.
Decision table referenceReference to the DMN table that will be executed.
Throw error if no rules were hitSpecify whether an error should be thrown if no rules of the decision table were hit and consequently no result was found.
Fallback to default tenantFind decision definition without tenant when previous attempts to find it with tenant field.

You can use the Execution listeners as shown in the examples.




You can use the Multi-instance type as shown in the examples.

Default, only one instance is created:


Activities are created in parallel. This is a good practice for User tasks activity:


Activities are created sequentially. This is a good practice for Service tasks activity:


You can use the Cardinality (Multi-instance) as shown in the examples.



You can use the Collection (Multi-instance) as shown in the example.


You can use the Element variable (Multi-instance) as shown in the example.


You can use the Completion Condition (Multi-instance) as shown in the example.



You only have to indicate a Decision Table Reference; the mapping of the variable is configured in the Decision Table.

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Decision task

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