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Dashboard Access

You  can access the Robusta RPA Dashboard by clicking on the Reporting icon from the Robusta management panel or from from your Robusta Orchestrator address.

After clicking on the reporting field, the Kibana login screen appears on the screen. You can log in to the system using the username and password provided to you.

After logging in, click on the Dashboard title in the Bar on the left side of the screen.

After clicking on the Dashboard title in the left bar, you can see the predefined dashboard list on the screen.

If you want to create a different dashboard other than the default dashboards, you can create a custom dashboard by using the “Create Dashboard” button at the top right of the screen.

Dashboard General Features

While viewing with Dashboard, you can take advantage of the maximize, share, copy, and edit features.

Full Screen

By using the “Full Screen” option at the top left of the screen, you can view all graphs and numerical indicators in full screen.


With the Share button, you can share instant or live data of the dashboard. With Embed Code, you can share dashboard display links in the iFrame and with Permalinks.


With the Clone option, you can create a new dashboard by copying the dashboard you viewed.


With the Edit option, you can make changes on the dashboard of your choice. You can move the charts around, add new charts, delete the charts shown on the screen, or edit the information that the charts show.


You can search and view it by typing the name of the chart you want to view in the Search field.


You can view data for the time range you selected by selecting the time range you want to view in the Schedule field.


You can refresh the received data with the Refresh button.

Add Filter

With the Add Filter option, you can filter according to the fields used in the creation of the panels and the values they will receive. Depending on the filter applied, you can view information about only one process or only one user.


In the upper right section of any panel, click the “…” By clicking the button, you can access the Properties section of the panel you are viewing. Thanks to this features section, you can examine the information screens in detail and view them in the time interval you choose or in full screen. In addition, with the Inspect option, you can view the data shown by the relevant panel as a table and save it in CSV format.

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