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Set methods

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Set methods activity enables data writing to desired fields (Textbox, Combobox etc.) via browser or application.

*Application nameReference name of application which will be opened.
*FieldIt is the field where the location (Xpath) of the area to be clicked on the application.
ClearClear the field before set.
*TypeType of set action.
*TextFor the field to be written, the appropriate action in the type must be selected. For the set operation, it is generally used over the Text.
Attribute nameIf “Attribute” is selected as action in the Type property, the attribute name of the element to be used must be written. In the process of setting a title, the Title to be changed should be entered in this field.
Wait until visibleWaits until visible, it is selected.
Note: * Fields selected with are required, others are optional.

You can use the Applications name as shown in the example.


You can use the Field as shown in the example.


You can use the Type as shown in the examples.

Value and Attribute options can be used if the area to be printed text is a combobox and the desired text cannot be printed with the text method. Because on some websites and applications, it allows changing the values in the combobox only with attribute options. For this reason, setting up with the Text method does not work.

Title option should only be used if you want to change the title information of the site.

It can also be used as an alternative to the Text method in Keystroke.

Text is used to write text into the given content:


It is used to change the value in the Html code for the entered location (Xpath) value:


It is used to change the Attribute value in the Html code by specifying which Attribute value is desired for the entered location (Xpath) value:


Used to change the title of the page that opens:


It is a keyboard gesture. If the KeyStroke action is selected, the action desired to be performed on the keyboard is written in the text section:


You can use the Text as shown in the examples.

Coronavirus news

Coronavirus news for ${days}


You can use the Attribute name as shown in the examples.



Home – Robusta

The value to be set in the text field can be both written with a variable and entered directly as text. If it is to be entered as text, it can be entered as robusta. But the value is to be sent by means of the variable, the name of variable must be between brackets ({}} and start with $. Let’s assume that robusta is assigned to companyname variable and we will call a variable to obtain the value of that variable, the variable name must be typed as ${companyname}.