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Alert actions

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Alert actions activity provides the management of the browser’s own pop-ups on the browser. In other words, it is for the management of the pop-ups belonging to the browser, not any pop-up that appears on any site.

*Application nameThe reference name of applications which has already been opened or attached is chosen in the dropdown application which will be opened.
*ActionDepending on the request, appropriate actions are provided for closing or accepting pop-ups that are opened on the screen of the browser or application.

Note: The activity uses in cases if there is no XPath information available.
Note: * Fields selected with are required, others are optional.

You can use the Applications name as shown in the example.


You can use the Action as shown in the example.

When a notification comes to the application screen, it accepts it and makes the notification screen close:


When a notification comes to the application screen, it makes it close without accepting this warning:

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Alert actions

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