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Captcha solver (ReCAPTCHA)

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Captcha is a service used for the analysis of security measures used for human and computer separation. Captcha solver activities solves captcha’s and returns the results.

ReCaptcha activity, uses BestCaptcha’s automated online captcha solver API service. You need an account and add credit to use BestCaptcha’s services. You can find detailed information about creating an account and payment options from BestCaptcha’s website.

*Application nameName of application which has already been opened or attached.
*Access tokenAPI key of BestCaptcha’s subscription.
Recaptcha fieldThe XPath of the HTML element containing the recaptcha id used in the website is written. By inspecting the page, the element containing the recaptcha data-sitekey tag is searched and the XPath of that element is obtained.
Submit button fieldIn this optional field, if it is necessary to press the submit button after the recaptcha is resolved (in some sites, it is necessary not to press it so that the recaptcha is not reset), the XPath of this button is entered.
Callback function nameThis optional field is used for solving Hidden recaptcha. It can be needed in the background recaptchas on the site.
Note: * Fields selected with are required, others are optional.

You can use the Application name as shown in the example.


You can use the Access token as shown in the example.


You can use the Recaptcha field as shown in the example.


You can use the Submit button field as shown in the example.


You can use the Callback function name field as shown in the example.


Note: This optional field is used to solve the hidden recaptcha. It may be needed in the background recaptchas on the site. In some cases, after the recaptcha is resolved, pressing the submit button resets the recaptcha and starts again. In order to avoid this situation, a javascript function needs to be triggered in the background after the captcha is successfully resolved. It is necessary to write the name of this function in this field, and the name of the function appears in the element tag named data-callback. In this example you can see that “data-callback” equals to “check”, it may get various names on other websites.

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Captcha solver (ReCAPTCHA)

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