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Usage on Windows Applications

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WinSpy Driver Selection

WinSpy assists with path-related operations on a Windows application. It enables users to obtain the location (XPath) information of the fields to perform operations like writing a text on the desired area of an application, getting data from the desired area, clicking on the desired areas, and taking a screenshot of the screen.

1. Double-click the winSpy.exe file to open Winspy.

2. Click Settings > Driver > WinAppDriver.

3. The file must be opened before this step. Type the file name and extension (Word.docx) into the Address textbox and click the Run button.

4. WinSpy tool will provide access to the application whose title information is open on the screen. This process may take some time.

5. In order to reach the frame structure opened in a windows application, the title information of the main page is entered in the Address field and the frame to be accessed is selected from the pop-up window under the Frame title. You can refresh the element list by clicking the button next to the field.

6. The application path information on the screen appears in the box under the Search field. The name information of the field in which XPath information is required to be found in the application can be found by typing in the Search textbox and clicking the Find button. (Text information of the relevant item is positioned on the correct item if there is only one on the screen. If there is more than one, it can find all fields or buttons and can be found by browsing to the desired area one by one by clicking the Find button.)

7. The XPath information can now be accessed after the desired field is found in the box containing the information about the page. Click on the element that you want to interact with, and WinSpy will provide the full XPath information of the relevant element in the Absolute Path textbox. To obtain a more understandable Xpath, click on the element that you want to interact with on the left side of WinSpy and click on the Find XPath button from the right side of WinSpy. WinSpy will provide unique XPath information on the Relative Path (Recommended for use) field for the element.

8. If the amount of elements on the screen you want to access is high, the details of some areas of the application may not be loaded on the screen at the beginning. To find inaccessible or unavailable elements, click on the first element of the page at the window as seen in the picture. This process may take some time.

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Usage on Windows Applications

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