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Db definitions is an interface to define database informations. All databases that have JDBC interface can be connected. By making definitions on Db definitions interface can run SQL queries and if condition is met the returned results, you can start a process.

Create db definitionsAccess db definition creation field through this button.
Select an actionSelected database definitions can be deleted or their details can be changed.
Search by db definition nameDatabase definitions on the list can be found via this field.
Show next 10By clicking can show all database definitions by 10.
Order by db definition nameOrders database definitions by database definitions name.
NameName of database definition.
DescriptionDescription of database definition.
UsernameName of user that will create database definitions.
Driver nameDriver type of database.

To create db defition, click Create db definition button. On the opening window, fill in the relevant fields and click Test button to check database connection. Click Save button to finish database definition.

Db definition nameName of db definition.
DescriptionDescription db definition.
Db DriverNameJDBC driver.
URLJDBC URL information.
UsernameName of authorized database user.
PasswordPassword of user. If free text is selected, password will be seen in log data. If it is desired password not to be seen, information should be entered through vault system.
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