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Encryption activity ensures that an intelligible data is made incomprehensible with the encryption method. Encryption is a double-sided encryption method, that is, an encrypted data can be decrypted with a key.

*Plain textUnencrypted string is written.
*Encryption typeThe method to be encrypted is selected.
*Result cipher textThe variable name of the directory that we want to be encrypted is written in an encrypted way.
*KeyKey information of the data to be encrypted is given.
Note: * Fields selected with are required, others are optional.

You can use the Plain text as shown in the examples.

Hello, this is the text string I want encrypted.

You can use the Encryption type as shown in the examples.




You can use the Result cipher text as shown in the example.


You can define a key from using Generate key activity or you can define a key from using any key creator tool.

AES accepts 16 or 32 bits keys.

DES accepts 8 bits keys.

TripleMES accepts 24 bits keys.
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