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Reply/Reply all/Forward

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Reply/Reply all/Forward activity is used for replying to and forwarding mail to one or more than one receiver.*

*Entry idEntry id of mail item.
ActionThe selected action for mail.
ToReceiver email address for to field. To add multiple addresses, use “,” or “;” to separate them.
CcThose e-mail addresses are entered, if desired, who can see the mail and be informed.
BccThe addresses of the people who want to be informed are entered.
SubjectThe subject title in the Subject section is given.
MessageThe content of the message is given to the body part.
AttachmentAttachment path. To add multiple attachments, use ‘,’ to separate them.
is HTML?It is specified whether it can be sent in HTML format.
Note: * Fields selected with are required, others are optional.

You can use the Entry id as shown in the example.


You can use the Action as shown in the examples.




You can use the To as shown in the example.

You can use the Cc as shown in the example.

You can use the Bcc as shown in the example.

You can use the Subject as shown in the example.

About the Financial Statement

You can use the Message as shown in the example.

Hello, This mail has been sent for testing purposes.

You can use the Attachment as shown in the example.

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