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Robusta RPA

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About Robusta RPA

Robusta RPA is a workflow modeling and robotic process automation application that allows corporate business processes to be modeled on a common infrastructure.

The primary purpose of this structure is to create a common language that can be easily understood by the business analysts who prepare the processes, the specialized units that will include the processes in the application, and the business units that will implement the processes.

Robusta RPA is based on orchestrator and robots.
You can design your processes with the design studio at the core of Orchestrator modules. You can access the design studio from anywhere.

With the Scheduler module, you can enable your robots to run processes remotely and regularly and view the records.

With the RPA-Admin module, you can define robots that you will use and manage your processes by grouping your robots.

You can manage users and their authorizations with the IDM module.

With Dashboard, you can follow the operational status of your robot.

Robusta Architecture

System Requirements

Robusta Process Design Studio and Process Management (orchestration) run on the same server and their design and management faceplates are web-based. Both are set up in the same presentation. It is suggested that virtual robots (Digital Workers) travel to separate machines.

  • Virtual robots drive to Windows-based machines
  • Orchestration server can be Windows IAS or Linux based
Orchestrator and Design Studio
HardwareOperating System and Its Components
64 Bit Processor
32/64 GB RAM (Mid/Large)
128 GB HDD
Windows IAS Server 2012 R2 or 2016 /Linux
MySql 5.7.26 (Optional)
Tomcat 8.5
Digital Worker
HardwareOperating System and Its Components
64 Bit Processor
8/16 GB RAM
128 GB HDD
Windows 10
Tomcat 8.5
Java Development Kit 8
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Robusta RPA

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