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Start Chrome with Specific Profile

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During the process, it may be required to open websites in a specific profile. The necessary settings should be pre-configured and saved in the profile.

To create a new Chrome profile: Click Here

Using Specific profile during the process

  • A folder needs to be created in the C:\ directory with a name like “SpecificProfiles” (which can be changed).
  • Inside this folder, a subfolder named “Default” must be created.
  • C:\SpecificProfiles\Default

  • Previously created Chrome profiles can be accessed from this directory.
  • C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\
  • In this example in the photo, Enter the “Profile 2” folder and copy all the data.
  • The previously copied data is pasted into the “Default” folder that was previously created.
  • C:\SpecificProfiles\Default\
  • The directory address is written in the Profile Directory properties field within the Open component. The “Default” directory is not used.
  • C:\SpecificProfiles
  • During the process, the necessary settings for the profile should be made and saved in advance.
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Start Chrome with Specific Profile

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