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March 1, 2023

Robusta RPA 2022.12

Robusta RPA 2022.12

Feature The Scheduler Application can now filter Scheduled Processes by the name of the robot they support.

Feature A new activity called dataset join, which allows two datasets to be joined together over the referenced field, added.

Feature Web applications now work with Microsoft Edge browser.

Feature A new feature has been added to Web applications that allows users to navigate through the application's URL history.

Feature There's now an option to keep processes with the same name when creating a new version.

Feature A button has been added to refresh the Process diagram on the screen.

Feature The activity in Process diagram that contains an error will be highlighted in red.

Feature An error message has been added to the confirmation area if an unconditional connection between one activity and two other activities occurs.

Feature There's a new option to launch processes in a new tab while viewing the Modeler screen.

Feature Excel files that are password-protected can now be supported.

Feature The "Dataset name" field now lists names alphabetically for easier navigation.

Feature A "Boundary Error Event" without an error reference will allow the flow to continue if no "Boundary Error Event" with an error reference is found.

Feature Unlinked activities on the process page are no longer evaluated for validation.

Feature Users can now duplicate activities between processes for faster workflow creation.

Feature Images of different sizes can now be added to Word files.

Feature A new "Waiting processes" list has been added to the Monitoring Application for improved process tracking.

Feature The Modeler Application now provides type validation for Data Object fields.

Feature Optional use of IMAP and SMTP fields is now available.

Feature A warning message will now appear when attempting to disable a Worker in a busy status.

Feature Page and function authorization support has been added for users.

Feature Excel activities now support operating with sheet index as an alternative to operating with sheet name.

Bug Fix A bug has been fixed that caused subprocesses to show as ended successfully even when an error was caught with a Boundary Event.

Feature A new "Set cell style" activity has been added to the Word component for easier formatting.

Feature A new activity called "Get dominant color" has been added for image classification according to the color.

Feature MS Excel's Read Excel to dataset activity now supports range support for improved data handling.

Feature Vault support has been provided to ftp password definition field on the RPA-Admin screen.

Feature Users can now download all apps for improved app management.

Bug Fix A bug that prevented variables from being overwritten in a subprocess when the "Cardinality" field was valued has been resolved.

Feature Database component now supports OpenEdge for expanded database support.

Feature The New Process Create page now features an app selection combobox for easier app assignment.

Feature The Monitoring application now includes an "endEventName" field for clearer process tracking.

Feature High priority mail sending is now supported for mail send activity.

Feature Error messages during deployment now include the name of the model with the error for easier debugging.

Feature Creating two apps with the same name is now prevented for clearer app management.

Feature Excel remove activity now supports removing multiple rows and columns for easier data management.

Bug Fix A bug that corrupted mail attachments while saving in the MS Outlook read activity has been fixed.

Feature Captcha support has been added for improved security in the IDM login page.

Feature The Monitoring Tool now includes a running processes listing page for improved process tracking.

Feature The Web scrape activity now includes a hover property field for easier web scraping.

Feature Support has been added for setting the maximum duration of user sessions.

Feature Java application error message improved upon exit.

Feature Grayed-out components indicate non-Community Edition features.

Feature Chatbot - Send message activity's query field now supports multiple lines.

Feature "Created Time" field now available in App and Process definition info.

Feature Scroll bar added to Process diagram variables section for long values.

Bug Fix Large file attachment errors in emails fixed.

Bug Fix Fixed error preventing mail attachments from displaying in mail read activity.

Bug Fix Fixed error preventing saving of mail attachments without file extension.

Feature "Start the referenced process from the same deployment" field has been set to "enabled" by default.

Perf. imp. Filtered mails now sorted newest to oldest.

Feature Additional folder name controls added to move mail activity.

Bug Fix Fixed error causing deleted mails to not display in trash folder.

Perf. imp. Exchange connection validations updated for basic and modern authentications.

Perf. imp. Updated error messages and search filter validations for better usability.

Feature Key hold support now available for Web applications.

Feature Option to choose passwords from the Vault added for "Modern authentication."

Bug Fix Fixed error preventing mail definition from triggering process when search criteria is missing.

Feature Mail trigger's subject, from, and to fields can now be left empty or marked with a "*" for the same effect.

Feature Process diagram screen size adjusted and scrollbar added to canvas.

Feature Support added for pushing Process initial parameters to Monitoring tool.

Feature Multiple output tables supported for retrieving tables from procedures.

Feature Windows Actions activity's window title field now supports wildcards.

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